Fiat 124 Spider Lusso

The 124 isn't unique - with so many parts and similarities to the Miata, you have to wonder why Fiat even bothered.  Well, I'm glad they did!  I had a blast in this car, even though I predicted I wouldn't right when I first looked at this thing.

The power wasn't anything major, the styling is just ok, but honestly nothing can replace that fun feeling of a convertible just zipping around everybody. If you get the chance to drive one of these, don't snub your nose - just go do it.  Drop the top, fire it up and see what you think. I highly recommend you don't go race a Corvette or Focus RS - you will definitely lose.  This car is perfect for half the year here in Ohio, the other half you need to park it. 

Below, you'll see my hour spent in the car, condensed down for your enjoyment.  I was able to test out the Lusso model, which is top end in comfort, not performance.  I really want to drive the Abarth version some day.... Call me Fiat, please.  Also, I would prefer a manual in this guy.  For the full picture, watch the video below and hopefully you will be as surprised as I was.