Mecum Kissimmee 2019

We’re back at Mecum! I always love attending these events because of the size and variety of vehicles. This year, one of the highlights is a super rare ORIGINAL Ford GT. As reported before, Mecum listed one of the new Ford GT’s last year, which has gotten some media attention. Either way, this was the real deal original from the 60s.

Dodge was back as a big sponsor, allowing us to take rides in the Hellcat’s and various Charger/Challenger models, spinning their way into a fun ride around the grounds. When Kissimmee comes up as one of the Mecum Auctions to attend, I always jump because it is a nice break from our gross winter up here in Akron.

Take a look below at the various image and vehicles - this by no means covers everything at the auction, but you get an idea as to what you can see at one of these events. We will be covering Indy next, which is coming in May. Look for video from this event and also follow my Instagram for live updates throughout the shows.


Mecum 2017

In 2017, I had the pleasure of attending two Mecum Auctions, one being in Kissimmee and the second being in Indianapolis.  This was my first visit to an event of this magnitude, only seeing them on TV from time to time.  I was absolutely blown away at the amount of vehicles you could walk right up to as they were waiting to go across the block. 
For the most part, everything was there for you to open, sit in, look at and experience first hand.  The intention is you are planning to bid of course, but for both of these we went to spectate.  For the January trip, we followed this up with a quick trip to Disney World to watch my wife run the Disney Marathon.  This was very similar to 2016, when I had the Cadillac CTS-V. 
Overall, both trips were super fun and I plan to go back again soon.  Check out the video below to see what we saw and experienced.  Enjoy!



The Henry Ford

During our family vacation this year, we stopped at The Henry Ford in Michigan.  I had never been here before so it was definitely high up on my to-do list.  I've always heard great things about what you can see there, how they have the car Kennedy last rode in and other artifacts from American history.  If you ever want to see something neat for a day or so, this is a great place to visit.  The focus of this story will be on the automotive pieces of the museum, but overall I was fully impressed by what I saw and how much I didn't even have time to take in.

We started our tour along a row of presidential limousines.  The technology changes over the years was neat to see and I wish they had a current one to compare to, just to ponder how unprotected the presidents used to be.  The Henry Ford had some great examples of off the showroom floor vehicles.  The early Taurus, a Dodge Caravan from the 80s and even the first gen Prius.  Another neat area was the display showing automotive emblems and brochures.  The entire idea of the museum is to sort of take you back, as if you were back in time.  It feels that way when you can look at a 1986 Chevrolet Truck dealership brochure or a mint condition first gen Taurus, which you never see on the road. 

When we think of classic cars, we think of the '57 Chevy, the old F100's - never do we think of a mint condition, never seen daylight Ford Escort as being classic.  I would totally agree, but once again, it takes you back in time.  You see something that you would most definitely not see nowadays, cars that were just run to death and not many people felt the need to save an Escort.  I found this aspect of the museum to be one of the coolest.  There also is the opportunity to see a real, Ford GT40 from the 60s.  Greenfield Village, which requires almost an extra day to see fully, is another neat aspect of this complex.  You can ride around in Model T's, see various homes transplanted from all over the country and just stroll around feeling nostalgic.  I found the entire experience to keep me wanting more and researching each and every little aspect I saw there.  Great place to take a family or just go by yourself to tour alone.  Take a look at the video below, as I showcase the museum portion of The Henry Ford.   


Track Day in a Z06

So the first track day of the season for me took place a few weeks ago.  Finally got a minute to edit together the footage.  The C5 Z06 is an absolutely insane car, it just is.  You can drive it around daily in moderate comfort and then rip apart the track all in the same breath.  For the people that have C6 Z's, Hellcats, or anything else more insane - I really can't imagine...  I talk you through the morning of and also share some track footage.  This being a Z06, you'll notice the in car audio is much noisier compared to other videos.  The Z06 has thinner glass, less sound deadening, louder tires and of course the titanium exhaust.  All of this helps save weight, which is exactly what you want.  After having this Corvette for an entire track day, and the hour or so of driving to and from the track, it really makes me wish I had the space (and money) for a third vehicle.  Such a neat automobile.  Enjoy!


Nelson Ledges Race Complex Track Day

Nelson Ledges is a legendary place for many reasons.  From the classic races that have been held here for decades and more recently the classic cases of disrepair and hatred.  There has been a changing of the guard in the last year, which seems to be good news for all of us drivers.  Tons of upkeep and improvements have been evident recently, which is awesome!  I stumbled upon this place two years ago, attending my first track day in an LS1 Camaro.  Pretty much, I'm hooked as this is some of the most fun I've had in my car since I've owned it.

Last year, my dad picked up a showroom new C5 Z06 and brought that to the track.  So our time here has been increasing with each year.  Each winter it seems like the anticipation builds and I think more and more about what I can do with my car to make it just a little bit faster around Nelsons.  From what I can gather, numerous changes have occurred since our last visit back in September.  The new owners are serious about maintenance and upkeep.  You really could go track your car anywhere, including Mid-Ohio which is only about two hours away and has a great surface compared to Nelson Ledges.  The fun thing about going here though is simple: You can see neat cars, you only drive 40 minutes from Akron and you don't break the bank when you pay your track day fee. 

This footage below is my first time using the GoPro at a track event, so don't hate on it, I'm sure somebody will though.  I learned some good mounting spots and bad, but overall it's crazy fun to watch your day back once you get home to relax.  Hope you enjoy and maybe we'll meet you at the track this year!