Mecum Kissimmee 2019

We’re back at Mecum! I always love attending these events because of the size and variety of vehicles. This year, one of the highlights is a super rare ORIGINAL Ford GT. As reported before, Mecum listed one of the new Ford GT’s last year, which has gotten some media attention. Either way, this was the real deal original from the 60s.

Dodge was back as a big sponsor, allowing us to take rides in the Hellcat’s and various Charger/Challenger models, spinning their way into a fun ride around the grounds. When Kissimmee comes up as one of the Mecum Auctions to attend, I always jump because it is a nice break from our gross winter up here in Akron.

Take a look below at the various image and vehicles - this by no means covers everything at the auction, but you get an idea as to what you can see at one of these events. We will be covering Indy next, which is coming in May. Look for video from this event and also follow my Instagram for live updates throughout the shows.