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Since the weather has been somewhat consistent here in Ohio, we moved a little bit on this project.  The Impala is still in storage for the moment, but will be out and driven around for a couple weeks before the major work begins.  I need to install new front brakes and new front tires during this time as well. 

In the meantime though, all of the parts have been brought over to the garage, and this includes the 383 LT1.  We purchased a rotating engine stand from Summit Racing to make this project as easy as possible.  Here are a few pictures from the transfer to my garage and what it looks like on the engine stand.

Right now it is bagged up, but I'm going to start piecing it together and adding parts as time permits.  I'm sure most people out there can relate, but the reason the Impala is necessary is also the reason time is limiting.  Having a family takes most evenings and weekends, along with all of the other stories we have in the pipeline.  Stay tuned for updates and info, thanks for following along!