Quick little update for today.  The headers arrived from Clear Image Automotive.  Video below shows the unboxing and what we received.  These things are seriously cool and should help us out on the power end of things.  Totally custom built, Tri-Y Gen II Headers, AIR/EGR/After Cat o2 Sensors all eliminated and they were then given the stain black coating for heat protection and of course looks too.

I opted to get their cats too, since my stockers are probably pretty well used with 180k and aren't high flow.  These are high flow cats that should do the job nicely.  I'm going to install these on the engine in the next couple days.  After this, I'm pretty much ready to install the new engine into the car.  The Impala will be getting the spoiler installed beginning of next week, we got on the schedule at the body shop so we'll see how it turns out.  Check out Clear Image if you are looking for a super nice product and great company to work with.