Had a little bit of a vacation this past week, so I'm finally back in town and back to work.  The Impala received the new spoiler right before we left, and you can read the full review here.  It turned out great and I'm super excited that we decided to go with this on the Impala.

The next thing I wanted to show everyone was another product Meguiar's sent me for the Impala Project.  I explained to them the size of this car and of course my reasons for needing speedy detailing that won't take much time.  They recommended their Quik Wax, which is a nice and fast way to wax your vehicle and not take time away from the family.  With this car, I'm guessing I might have time to do the full exterior detailing once a year at best.  This is the next best thing for people with limited time.  Full review video is below. 

Finally, coming up is the start to the engine swap.  I need to move the family KwikLift over to my house, which will help with the engine removal angle and also the ability to climb underneath for exhaust modifications, etc.  Once that is in place, the fun begins.  In the meantime, continue to check out my other stories on the site, I have quite a few in the pipeline.  Thanks for reading!