Husky X-act Contour

Husky Liners are top notch.  They make a wide variety of vehicle interior protection products that fit almost any car.  Husky also offers some unique exterior protection options as well.  When you are looking to floor liners though, they offer one of the neatest new features and are going right at Weather Tech.  Their X-act contour edge is a raised lip on the side of their liner that contains spills, water from shoes and anything else that drops to the liners.  Here is a little video showing what I mean.  Enjoy!

This 4-minute Comparison video features two fictitious engineering "nerds" named Patrick and Shannon who take the viewer through a series of four tests. The video focuses on four unique selling propositions of the Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Liner; The premium look and feel of the product, the FormFit Edge™, the StayPut Cleats™, and Husky Liners' Lifetime Guarantee.