Hoagies Garage Christmas Gift List 2013

The internet is full of great gift lists this time of year.  We felt why not join the crowd and come up with a bunch of ideas that would be good for the average car person, no matter what aspect of the sport or hobby you are into.  So here we go, ten gift ideas for 2013 - Merry Christmas!


1.  Adam's Polishes

From wax, paint clay, towels, polishes and everything in between - Adam's carries just about everything you would need to keep your car clean and looking professionally detailed.  The Buttery Wax is absolutely amazing to apply and use.  Tons of great products they offer aren't available in every corner Auto Zone, but when you end up getting something from Adam's, you know it will be quality.  http://www.adamspolishes.com

Adam's Polishes


2.  Valentine One Radar & Laser Detector

The V1 as they like to abbreviate it, has become known as the best there ever was in the radar detector game.  Having directional arrows to tell you where the threat is coming from and a bogey counter to let you know how many threats there are, this thing is almost military grade.  It arrives in fitted foam and is built out of magnesium.  The V1 won't keep you from getting a ticket every single time, but once you drive around with it on your windshield, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.  http://www.valentine1.com



3.  Ram Mount

It doesn't matter if you prefer iPhone or Android, a Ram Mount is such a neat addition to your smart phone you will thank yourself after you start using it.  The Ram Mount setup has about fifty different options from suction cup mounting, to quick release, to whatever else you want.  These are great for mounting your phone wherever and utilizing a great app while driving.  They allow you to configure almost any setup too, which makes for a customized mount that is built well and works great.  http://www.rammount.com/

Ram Mount


4.  Go Pro

The Go Pro has become a legend on the internet.  Providing us all with videos and amazing footage that seems almost impossible to believe an amateur captured.  If you are a track day driver, backyard mechanic, or just a techie kind of person, the Go Pro has a million and one uses.  They offer tons of different mounting options for whatever activity you are wanting to film and the tiny camera is basically movie quality HD.  The pricing has some sticker shock and you really have to evaluate if you will actually use it to justify the price.  If you do get one of these though, be sure to send us your best footage... http://www.gopro.com                                

GoPro Camera


5.  Mechanics Tool Set


This idea is very simple and very easy to find.  The at home mechanic seems to be disappearing these days, so buying your favorite auto nut a tool set could help revive that.  It really doesn't matter where you purchase a tool set from, just make sure it has some quality to it.  Craftsman, Kobalt, Snap-On: All great brands that will work for many years to come.  Metric or Standard? It all depends, but if you want to be extra nice, buy them both.

6.  Automotive Shirts

Depending on who you are buying for, this can be a fun surprise gift that they won't expect.  An automotive theme shirt can be vintage looking or new, it all depends on the person.  I honestly don't know any car lover that would turn down a shirt that has the Shelby logo on it or one that simply says "The Judge".  Some vintage oil company shirts would be a neat idea too, Red Bubble has all sorts of custom shirts that you can put on almost any color shirt.  http://www.redbubble.com

7.  Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge

This is a great gift for the right person.  I wouldn't recommend buying this for your random uncle who happens to watch Motorweek and drives an old Corvette.  These gauges are meant for specific newer cars and plug into the OBD or diagnostics port.  Then what happens next is very neat.  The gauge pulls a bunch of different parameters from your vehicles computer and displays them all on the gauge.  They are not cheap, but if you are looking for an all in one solution to get more data from your vehicle, this might be your answer.  http://www.aeroforcetech.com



8.  Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner

New cars are loaded with tech.  I really don't think anybody understands the miles of wire in a vehicle and the amount of electronics that are installed on even the simplest vehicles out there.  With that being said, that mechanics tool set back up the list won't fix everything.  An OBD plug in vehicle scanner is almost essential if you are planning on doing any repair work or just turning off a check engine light.  These come in many varieties, super cheap and simple to full on professional setups.  The one listed below covers a ton of issues and won't totally break the bank. INNOVA Scanner



9.  Oil, Fuel, Grease, or Lube

These items are essential to any vehicle.  A great gift is fuel.  Go buy your favorite car lover $20 in gas gift cards or a case of engine oil.  These simple gifts will be useful and even though they sound like a lame idea, the recipient will be super excited.  Swing by an auto parts store and get them some WD40, power steering fluid, or grease gun refill.  These may all sound like unthoughtful gifts, but having an extra quart or bottle of something in the garage when you need it sometimes can be a lifesaver.

Mobil 1


10.  Tire Repair Kit

This is something I never would have recommend until I actually tried it myself.  Repairing your own tires isn't as crazy as you may think.  This kits include all of the tools, glue, plugs, and everything else you need to repair your own tire.  Keep in mind, this will not fix a massive blow out.  A normal sized nail hole or something along those lines is easily repaired in your own garage, even if the tire place is closed for the day.  This kit will save your favorite gearhead numerous times.  ARB Kit