Hoagies Garage 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Just like last year, Hoagies Garage is sharing some gift ideas that would be great for any fan of cars, driving, or wrenching.  I chose these based on quality, experiences and word of mouth from fellow motorists.  Hope you enjoy the list and have a great holiday, whatever you are celebrating this year!

1.  Rigid Industries D-Series Lighting

Rigid LED Lights are amazingly cool.  The D-Series is a versatile, smaller lamp that can be installed on a variety of vehicles.  We have a '66 Stingray in the garage we are retrofitting them to, so the sky is the limit for the D-Series.  Rigid makes a quality product that isn't cheap, but will last the life of your car and then some.  Click here to explore the different D-Series Lights


2.  Meguiar's Whole Car Air Re-Fresher

This is a newer product that has an interesting concept.  You place it in your vehicle, activate it and then close all your doors.  The little can works like a bug fogger, running until empty, but it apparently fully immerses your interior in nice smelling goodness.  These are under $10 and will be a fun adventure for anybody. 

3.  Optima Chargers Digital 400

Optima makes a great product - We found that out during the Redtop Install we did and also with years of ownership experience.  Their battery chargers are no different.  The Digital 400 has clever features and also looks so cool with the fuel gauge screen.  We are running through a full review on their Digital 1200, but this is the little brother that is feature filled and more affordable.

4.  Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip has become huge in the past few years.  People are "dipping" everything from wheels, trim, and even whole cars.  I just ran through a few cans dipping the winter wheels for our TBSS - amazingly easy to do and also reversible if you decide the look isn't for you.  They offer tons of color options, but you never can go wrong blacking something out on your vehicle. 

5.  TrackSculptures.com Racetrack Wall Art

Track Sculptures takes the idea of art to the gearhead level.  Basically they take racetrack outlines and turn them into hanging wall pieces.  The company also has decals, phone cases and many other neat products.  If your track isn't available, I would really be surprised.  They have tons of tracks from all over the world and offer a variety of sizes and options.  Check them out for a unique gift.

Click Here to Visit TrackSculptures.com

6.  Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners

We had the chance to demo out some Husky Floor Liners this summer.  They offer the custom fit and protection any neat freak would love inside their vehicle.  With the snow coming for us here in Akron, these are a requirement for any vehicle driven through the most wonderful time of the year.  Husky offers these in all sorts of colors and shapes to fit many vehicles. 

7.  Tow Strap

A solid tow strap can really save just about anybody.  If you slide off the road this winter or even if you are somebody who hits the trails every weekend.  Tow Straps do have a shelf life and can weaken, becoming dangerous.  So if you already own one of these, maybe it's time for a new one.  If you don't own one, this may be a lifesaver one day for you...

8.  Fluorescent Shop Lights

Anybody turning wrenches or even doing a simple tire rotation will know that lighting is crazy important.  Most home garages came with two 60 watt light bulbs and that is as good as it gets.  Buy your favorite garage dweller some lights to get him or her out of the dark ages.  These will need to be wired up or plugged in, but most times if they are spending hours in the garage, they can figure that part out. 

9.  Dash Cam

This is starting to become a revolution and will just continue to become more popular the cheaper these get.  Dash Cams are now being made by big name companies like Garmin and Cobra.  We haven't had any experience with them yet, but one of these could make an insurance claim nightmare much more bearable.  An added bonus is capturing something crazy and sharing it on Youtube...

10.  Hoover Garage Utility Vacuum

This is one of those neat products that saves precious floor space in your garage and also makes cleaning fun.  Going to the Spray & Wash every time to vacuum out your car adds up.  The Hoover GUV mounts on your wall, is meant to be tough and durable and also has a crazy long 30 foot hose to reach almost anywhere.  Most shop vacs are cheaper than this, but come on...  You know you want one of these on the quick draw in your garage.