Super Sport Studios Impala SS Extended Spoiler

The Impala project is full go and the next big step is engine installation.  Before I made the car undriveable, the Super Sport Studios Custom Extended Spoiler needed to be installed.  The idea behind this entire project, is to modernize and upgrade a 1996 Impala SS, making it a little bit more current but at the same time not spending mega sport sedan bucks.

The stock Impala SS Spoiler isn't anything crazy, just a deck lid plastic piece that is held on by two bolts with nuts and some double sided tape.  The unit we got from Super Sport Studios was molded in fiberglass and features a more aggressive, extended design.  I was a bit nervous when it came in the mail, mainly because I didn't want to ruin the look of the Impala.  It has some clean, simple lines and this spoiler had the potential to interrupt those lines. 

I opted to give the entire job to a local body shop, which did not participate in the project.  The main reason I went with them though is for their reputation of doing solid work and a guarantee going along with it.  My main thing I told them was simple; I want a factory look.  So whatever you have to do during fitment and paintwork, I want this to look like it came from the factory.

With all that being said, the video below explains everything in detail.  In all honesty, when I was looking at pictures of this installed online, it made me nervous.  Once I saw it sitting there after all the work had been done, I couldn't have been happier.  The body shop did a great job with the installation and paint matching.  The look of the spoiler though takes the prize though - it is slightly more aggressive while at the same time remaining smooth and simple.  The B-Body lines are very rounded and smooth, no sharp angular creases like on a CTS.  This spoiler follows those lines and then some.  If I had to summarize, think Nascar meets Caprice.  The rake has a race car like look, and the smoothness matches the design of the B-Body.  I highly recommend you check these guys out.  Great company with lots of clever little Caprice/Impala add on bits that will make your car custom and unique.