Every once in awhile, a great product comes across my radar.  You know it is great before you even touch the thing or own one.  The guys at have this going on.  They make custom wood layouts from tracks that are all over the world.  I saw something like this in Griot's a number of years ago, but has taken it to the next level.  I could tell they were serious when I saw they had Nelson Ledges Road Course for sale, a small local track that almost nobody has heard of.

The process is pretty simple but definitely something you shouldn't attempt on your own, because you know it just won't look as good; plus they have it down to a science.  The wood is layered and pressed together birch that looks great.  On top is a plastic overlay that has different color options, including a slick carbon fiber or metallic blue.  We optioned up two sculptures, a full size Nurburgring covered in their dark asphalt and a Nelson Ledges Road Course, half size, covered in dark blue metallic.  Both sculptures arrived in the same massive box, well packed and even included Command Strips.  You can see the unboxing here on YouTube.

The thing with these sculptures, they are almost too cool.  They are so cool in fact, they carry a hefty price tag that really can ruin the fun with them.  The full size Nurburgring ran $199 and the half size Nelson was $99 - not exactly chump change.  With that being said, they are worth that much, but it's also an item I feel you need to think about before you impulse buy, especially if you don't have $200.  Saving up or getting these as a gift would be great, but just make sure you aren't blowing food money for the week or skipping a car payment.  These look great and show the world what you are into, just be careful.  Make sure you can afford them, because it is one expensive thing to hang on the wall and pretty much never touch again. 

The Nurburgring is hanging in my office at work and it has attracted lots of attention and also conversation.  Most people don't have a clue what it is, mistaking it for West Virginia.  The Nelson sculpture is going in my garage at home, but I'm waiting for some paintwork to be done first.  When attaching these to the wall, recommends using the Command Strips they include, but I opted for a hidden screw in a tight turn on the sculpture to rest on; along with two command strips.  Overall a hidden install and it looks great on the wall.  All that is missing now is some LED backlighting, if only they had put a small channel into the back of the sculpture so I could embed it inside... offers not just the wooden sculptures.  They offer track layout decals, wooden murals, posters and they aren't stagnating.  The company continues to grow and offer up new products, including great sales!  It isn't uncommon to see 20% off being offered for a long weekend or even other deals being advertised.  Check them out on social media to get your best deal.  In all honesty though, however much you spend on these, they are super cool and worth the money.  Like I stated earlier though, just keep in mind you are dropping some pretty serious coin on something that hangs on the wall.  Great product, great company and something you really need to look into for your garage, office, man cave, or wherever you want.