Trifecta Performance

Over the past couple months, I had the opportunity to try out two Trifecta Tunes.  The first was done for our 2013 Chevrolet Sonic.  Trifecta specializes in tunes that are sent directly to you via their website, then you do the rest on your own laptop.  A pretty slick process that was easy and painless.  With the Sonic, I run through the entire process from installation, to road testing, 0-60s, and finally some gas mileage testing.  The Sonic is a great little car that is lots of fun to drive, especially now after Trifecta got ahold of the on board computer. 

The second vehicle we were able to "Trifecta Tune", is a 2014 Buick Encore.  This is very similar to the Sonic, with the 1.4L Turbo, but heavier and more comfort based.  The plan was to tune the vehicle, which belongs to my Mom, and put it back in her driveway without her knowing the tune happened.  I will say, the Buick didn't respond to the tune as well, mostly due to Trifecta wanting to keep it like a Buick, which means comfortable.  The weight is also a big factor, this thing weighs over 400lbs more than the Sonic!  Overall though, it was more lively and noticeable after the tune.  Watch the video below to hear her reaction and also to see us giving you the short version on how these tunes work.