Foxwell NT301 - Just in time for Father's Day!

As code readers go, there are so many options now. It has become standard issue for most backyard mechanics, and for good reason. Any time that check engine light comes on, you worry and wonder. Well Foxwell has come along with a new one, new to me, that fits the bill in many areas.

1.  It is super easy to use. Color screens, easy to follow instructions and simplicity. I have a much more complicated one from another company that takes more time to figure out, when you first open it. The NT301 is easy to use and simple.
2.  The price of the NT301 is the best part. Coming in at around $70 - you really can't beat that for all the functionality you get.
3.  Speaking of functionality, this Foxwell has live data, 02 sensor readings and also an emission check test; basically telling you if you'll pass your local smog test.

Overall, this thing is pretty legit when you consider all of those things mentioned above.  Add the rubberized edges for durability and you won't be disappointed. Now, for the fun part. For a limited time, I have a code to purchase this at 25% off!

Use the following link:
Enter Coupon Code: NT301JOE
That code will give you 25% off your new reader.  This is a great price and a great Father's Day gift for any dad or weekend warrior mechanic.  For more information, watch my video below.  Enjoy!