Track Day in a Z06

So the first track day of the season for me took place a few weeks ago.  Finally got a minute to edit together the footage.  The C5 Z06 is an absolutely insane car, it just is.  You can drive it around daily in moderate comfort and then rip apart the track all in the same breath.  For the people that have C6 Z's, Hellcats, or anything else more insane - I really can't imagine...  I talk you through the morning of and also share some track footage.  This being a Z06, you'll notice the in car audio is much noisier compared to other videos.  The Z06 has thinner glass, less sound deadening, louder tires and of course the titanium exhaust.  All of this helps save weight, which is exactly what you want.  After having this Corvette for an entire track day, and the hour or so of driving to and from the track, it really makes me wish I had the space (and money) for a third vehicle.  Such a neat automobile.  Enjoy!