The Henry Ford

During our family vacation this year, we stopped at The Henry Ford in Michigan.  I had never been here before so it was definitely high up on my to-do list.  I've always heard great things about what you can see there, how they have the car Kennedy last rode in and other artifacts from American history.  If you ever want to see something neat for a day or so, this is a great place to visit.  The focus of this story will be on the automotive pieces of the museum, but overall I was fully impressed by what I saw and how much I didn't even have time to take in.

We started our tour along a row of presidential limousines.  The technology changes over the years was neat to see and I wish they had a current one to compare to, just to ponder how unprotected the presidents used to be.  The Henry Ford had some great examples of off the showroom floor vehicles.  The early Taurus, a Dodge Caravan from the 80s and even the first gen Prius.  Another neat area was the display showing automotive emblems and brochures.  The entire idea of the museum is to sort of take you back, as if you were back in time.  It feels that way when you can look at a 1986 Chevrolet Truck dealership brochure or a mint condition first gen Taurus, which you never see on the road. 

When we think of classic cars, we think of the '57 Chevy, the old F100's - never do we think of a mint condition, never seen daylight Ford Escort as being classic.  I would totally agree, but once again, it takes you back in time.  You see something that you would most definitely not see nowadays, cars that were just run to death and not many people felt the need to save an Escort.  I found this aspect of the museum to be one of the coolest.  There also is the opportunity to see a real, Ford GT40 from the 60s.  Greenfield Village, which requires almost an extra day to see fully, is another neat aspect of this complex.  You can ride around in Model T's, see various homes transplanted from all over the country and just stroll around feeling nostalgic.  I found the entire experience to keep me wanting more and researching each and every little aspect I saw there.  Great place to take a family or just go by yourself to tour alone.  Take a look at the video below, as I showcase the museum portion of The Henry Ford.