Just a quick update on the project.  I took some time on Sunday to film a bit with the Impala.  The plan is to release a little video discussing the project, my thoughts, and also some visuals of the vehicle in question here.  That should be live soon...

LT1 Progress:  I am having some issues that sort of put me on hold.  Installing the SLP Headers, which are brand new, coated and look amazing, I have an issue.  The passenger side EGR hookup will not clear the tall valve covers.  My options are to either have these cut off and modified, or possible switch to a different header.  The SLPs were bought so long ago and we are now finding that they might not be the best option... More on that to follow.  Rockers and all that other cylinder head stuff will be done soon too.

Others: The 1Factory Radio with Bluetooth arrived!  That should be installed this week along with the classic Impala odometer fix.  Next week, the Impala is going into the body shop to get the new rear spoiler fitted and painted.  We are super excited for this.  Finally, I received my box of new wiring for the electric water pump and also the upgraded battery cables.  All of this came from Gary at Innovative Wiring - judging by the quality, it is going to be such a nice upgrade for the Impala.