Having the '15 Chevrolet Colorado put me a little behind schedule here the past week, which is totally ok.  The latest on the Impala has moved to the interior.  Right now the dash is totally torn apart, looking to have multiple things fixed and upgrades.

-Lighting: I am adding LED bulbs to a few key areas, not everywhere.  Included in this mini project is the floor lamps, door safety/pocket lights, floor shift indicator, trunk, and the famous headlight switch bulb.  This particular bulb always goes out, and I went to the Honda dealership for a new bulb.  This was surprising, but it did work.  After reading online though, I ordered an LED for this spot as well, hoping it won't burn out as quickly.

-Odometer: In the middle of the Odometer fix right now.  Need to solder in the new resistor to cure the fading odometer. 

-Radio: The 1Factory Radio with Bluetooth has been installed.  I also did an antenna cutoff switch, hidden in the hole near the headlight switch.  I'm going to have a full story on the clever radio, so stay tuned for that. 

Finally, my headers issues are still here.  I'm thinking a set of Tri-Y's are going to be the best option.  I have listed the SLPs for sale on eBay, if you are in the market.  They are super rare and have never been used.  Just test fit, which led to disappointment.  Hopefully they are usefl for you.... More to come soon, thanks for reading!