Still waiting on LEDs... Unbelievable.  I am expecting to not remember how to reassemble the dashboard.  Anyways, back to current news and important stuff.  I edited up and put together my intro video to the project.  Only a month late, but still, the video is shot and done.  Hope you enjoy as I explain all about the Impala and more importantly why this project is happening. 

Another good piece of information, I ordered the new headers from Clear Image.  These are the classic Tri-Y's that everyone has known to love over the years.  Dan, the owner of Clear Image is legit and knows his stuff.  Being constructed are some Gen-II Tri-Y's, coated with a black satin ceramic.  I also specified I needed high flow cats, removal of the rear o2 sensors, AIR/EGR ports, and these will have 1 5/8" primary tubes.  I'm super excited to get these on the engine, as this is coming up on one of the last items to be installed before we remove the stocker form the Impala. 

Before any of that happens though, once the dash is back together, the Impala is hitting the body shop for the spoiler install.  It's amazing all of this is hinging on two little LED light bulbs.  Finally, I have a number of great products to review on the Impala from Meguiar's which will save some time and make the car look great I think.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!