Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day weekend!  Did a few things on the Impala since I last posted.  The interior is all buttoned up and good to go.  Made sure everything was working correctly a few times.  The only remaining items for the interior are a seat upgrade which will get started during the engine pull and I also have a new seat belt that will be installed on the drivers side.  On the list for later this week is the spoiler install, which will be going into the paint shop.  Lot of pictures of that whole process, before/after images, and my takes on the entire look of the thing. 

Right now though, I wanted to share my video on the 1FactoryRadio Bluetooth unit that was installed.  This thing is so cool and works so good, just doing what it is supposed to; nothing more or less.  Check these guys out if you want the factory look, factory fit, but some modern conveniences in your vehicle.  Very nice company that has lots to offer by way of modified and refurbished factory stereo head units.