Little status update for today.  I wrapped up the rear diff cover install from PML, that video will be edited and online in the coming days.  Had some timing/scheduling issues recently getting work done in the garage, but the spoiler is going to be installed in the coming week... Feels like I've been saying that for quite awhile now.  I promise it will be soon.  Still waiting on my headers from Clear Image, super excited to see these things. 

Below is a little video I did on some leather care Meguiar's sent my way to demo out.  I told them about the project and the idea of this car, being my family hauler.  Time is always an issue in my life and I asked them for ideas and products to use on the Impala that won't take tons of time.  I wanted some products that are effective and quick to use.  So, first up is the interior and how to care for the 1996 leather.  The interior of our Impala is in amazing shape, as my dad was the sole driver for almost all the miles.  The only really somewhat worn spot is the drivers seat, which will be upgraded soon.  Check out below the Meguiar's Leather Care items I demo out in the Impala.