After the holidays, birthdays, mini trips, and a review of the new CTS-V, I'm ready to get back into the Impala some more.  My goal is to be driving the Impala by summer, so that means I need to get cracking.

Gary at Innovativewiring.com sent over some HD battery cables.  These things are massive upgrades over the tiny stock battery cables.  Most people would probably wait to install these, after the engine was removed.  I have faith in the cables, but just wanted to make sure the car still cranked over with the new cables in place.  I'm happy to report the installation went great and the Impala fired right up on the first crank.  I have the Innovative Wiring electric waterpump relay kit in the garage as well, so that will be installed with the new engine.

Finally, I want to get the kit from Innovative that allows me to remotely run the electric radiator fans at my own discretion.  Most times, a good tune and pcm programming handles this fine, but I like being able to click on the fans in traffic or wherever.  Thanks for watching and check back for more frequent updates.  Hit up Gary at Innovative for all your B-Body and other custom wiring needs.  Everything is made to order, custom and amazing quality.  These battery cables are professional quality and the OEM stuff is a joke in comparison...