Happy Leap Year!  I wanted to give a little update and have sort of a show and tell day with the Impala.  The flu killed me last week, but I'll be back under the Impala this week or weekend.  As explained in the video below, I'm trying to organize a FocuzTech Headlight Lens buy... I got in touch with the original owner of the company, which is now defunct.  He told me we need at least 20 sets to make it worthwhile.  If you have FocuzTech headlights and would like a spare set of lenses, let me know.

Second thing, I share with you the original bill of sale on the Impala from September 1996.  The entire file of stuff was given to me by my Dad, which is crazy huge.  Lots to look through here...  Finally, I wanted to show the Depo smoked corner lenses I got for my birthday and also some new stuff Meguiar's sent over for the leather in the Impala.  I'll be demoing that out soon.  Thanks for following along, next update will be some progress on the project.  Have a great day!