Well it's been a minute since my last update on the site.  YouTube keeps getting videos though, so if you aren't following hit that up. 

I'm slowly doing the engine disassembly before the removal.  Items like the wiring harness, coolant hoses, water pump, coil assembly and many others have been removed.  I also found out that my stock radiator was plugged up with dex-cool, so the place that tested it sold us a new replacement.  Not the end of the world, considering the stocker has 180k on it.  Video below though shows my latest progress and lots of random updates I've filmed over a few weeks. 

Next on the list is removing the AC compressor, power steering pump and harmonic balance.  This LT1 does have the March Underdrive Pulleys installed, so those have to be transferred over.  Thanks for watching and following along.  Making progress every free minute I get....