I've been putting in some wrench time, figuring out the next moves and also finding some issues with my plan.  Long story short, my biggest hurdle this week was the LT1 crank hub.  This included removal, fitting, and also reusing.

The 383 I'm building was done by Golen and built with a 1995 timing cover.  This was done because Golen didn't have any '96 covers.  What that means though, is my factory 1996 crank hub would be too short.  It was a short length due to the sensor ring that was installed in 1996.  So I stopped with the removal and ordered a 1994-1995 Impala crank hub.  Hopefully this will work out correctly and give me no issues with accessories lining up to the crank.

I did make some progress though installing the water pump, MSD coil setup and also some plug wires.  The plug wires and headers usually don't mix from what I'm reading.  I went ahead and got a kit from Made4You, which is their Smoothie vertical plug wire holders.  Basically, it is going to route the wires up and over the valve covers, instead of around the sides of the block.  This should prevent any burns and heat issues, fingers crossed. 

Once the new crank hub arrives, I can get that installed and then start adjusting the rockers.  With all that going on, the LT1 will be coming out finally.  Just need to break loose a couple things and go from there.  Thanks for following along, enjoy!