As I was getting the Impala in position for the winter slumber, I realized all my updates have been on YouTube, and none on the site itself here.  So I wanted to recap a few things and also give some future news on the project.
Back in early Spring, the Impala interior went through an upgrade.  TheDetailSS.com sent over their double DIN kit, which allowed me to run a brand new Pioneer head unit with Apple CarPlay. This took the Impala driving experience even more into the current decade with Bluetooth, apps and tons of other additional features.  Below you will see the first video in a longer series I did on how to install this setup.  If you are on the fence, follow along and let me know if you have any questions.

Next thing that happened was some more testing and tuning.  I am still chasing a mild ghost on the new 383, which I feel is the tune.  The throttle body was drilled out for better IAC counts, the fuel injectors were checked, there are no vacuum leaks and I have searched numerous online threads.  Overall, I think I am going to be doing a few things this winter that should help everything out. 

The first upgrade and probably the biggest, the TorqHead Coil Pack setup is coming.  As of right now, it is being tested and boxed for the journey to my garage.  This will eliminate the opti-spark, add a newer LS style computer and finally add super reliable coil packs to the LT1.  I am super excited to get this installed and then do a big final dyno tune.  Fingers crossed this goes well...

Another upgrade, which I've had for a little while in the garage is a set of rear air bags.  This will fit the Eibach springs I have installed and give a little more support if I decide to load up the trunk with family gear. A minor upgrade, but a needed one for sure.  On those same lines, I plan to upgrade the interior a bit to better hold my daughter's car seat.

Keep in mind, these are just a couple of the plans I have and more will be posted as the upgrades come.  I really want to daily this thing from early spring to late fall in 2018, so stick with me as I finalize some of this build.  I can't wait!