As I write this, I realize the site has been lacking recently.  All of my updates have been going right to YouTube and I've been pushing everything there.  Either way though, I'll keep them coming here, probably just not as frequently.  The Impala has been a work in progress all summer.  From the engine pull, to finalizing the last items on the engine build to many other things.  If you follow the Hoagies Garage YouTube Channel, you will very easily stay caught up or get back to speed with me. 

I still have major plans to drive the Impala before the winter.  I don't care if it is just for a week, I want to have it off the lift and running.  Going into the winter, I have some small and minor things to work on, but overall nothing as huge as the engine swap.  Like I've stated many times before, the reason this car is needed is also why my progress is so slow.  Having a family, daughter and everything else going on takes priority.  But since my last past in June, there have been some major strides in the project.  Enjoy the different updates below!