Baby in a Corvette

The most important thing in my life is my child.  Her safety, happiness and well being are my biggest concerns.  With that being said, vehicle choice has come up in recent months.  The Impala Project is happening because of her, plain and simple.  A Corvette would be so much more fun on a daily basis, but Lilly and all her gear wouldn't work too well...

I decided to take her for her first Corvette ride in my father's Z06.  When taking your kid for a ride in any car, you want to make sure you are doing it as safely as possible and not breaking any laws.  The C5 Corvette is still an amazing car, especially when you consider the cost.  On this particular Z06, the passenger seat has factory installed provisions in place to allow safe transportation of your child.  The LATCH System and airbag disable make that possible.  Watch the video below to learn how you can install a child seat into your Corvette.  This will go down as one of those special moments for me, as I was able to take her for her first ride in a Corvette.