2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The time has come for gifts and presents.  Many times car lovers are given way too much Armor All and just useless stuff that people think you'll use.  Well the past two years, we've created a list of solid ideas that could be for you.  Take a look at the past lists and also see if anything picked out this year is up your alley.

1.  Meguiar's Whole Car Air Re-Fresher

We reviewed this almost a year ago, having great results.  People on YouTube said I rambled too long, which is true.  This is one of those clever and unique car products the recipient will be excited to rush home and try Christmas Day night.  A good smelling interior is always a good thing.

2.  Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

This is more of a specific gift that you'll have to somewhat know the car of your gift recipient.  If you notice somebody having the gross and hazy headlights, this is a great little kit we tried out a little while back.  Safety and good looks, all in one great gift for a nice price too. 

3.  Jack Manufacturing Magic Hand Cleaner

When working in the garage, your hands get greasy and dirty.  This is just a fact of life and many people go with a bigger name cleaner or something off the shelf.  Jack Manufacturing is a great company that is one we actually like to support.  There are many others out there, which we plan to test soon, but right now Jack is the first one I reach for at Hoagies Garage.

4.  Spare Keyless Entry Fobs

Once again, if you know the make/model of the vehicle, these are a great gift to give.  It always seems like you end up needing one of these to replace the broken or worn out one you've had in your pocket for years.  Don't just buy one of these without researching, but sometimes when you replace one of these, it makes your car feel like the first day you drove it all over again.  A worn out, barely working key fob is never fun.

5.  Top Gear Blu-Ray or DVD

The guys from Top Gear are spinning off to Amazon soon and new episodes will be here at some point.  In the meantime, a great gift is one of the original seasons to view at home, anytime.  Most of us would do the viewing via Netflix, Youtube, or even illegal downloads from the UK.  This will make it easy to relive some great episodes without working too hard. 

6.  Zubie

We have been long term testing one of these out west and the results will surprise you.  A clever tool that tracks your vehicle, diagnoses trouble codes and even tell you when it's time for a battery change.  This item does require a yearly subscription, but overall there are tons of great uses for this clever OBD port tool. 

7.  Valentine 1

I can't begin to tell you how valuable this tool can be for any driver.  Unless you are kind of dead inside, and never break the speed limit, you will find yourself loving this thing.  The range is unbelievable, it's rock solid and it will pay for it self many times over.  Like I've stated before, even if you don't speed, this is a great asset to have on in your car.  You will be picking up police speed monitoring all over the place and knowing what the watchers are doing...

8. Nutsac Bag

I'm reviewing one of these right now for car and travel gear.  The man purse is a clever tool for any guy, but in all honesty I'm all about using one of these to carry your interior gear on a road trip.  When you stop for the night, carrying in everything becomes an issue.  You have your phone, radar detector, GPS, cords, chargers and anything else.  The Nutsac is a great looking bag that can help you stay organized.  Check them out and stay tuned for our review coming soon. 

9.  Haynes Repair Manual

No matter what make or model you own, one of these can always come in handy.  Finding one of these is easy enough if you know what kind of car the driver owns.  They go through procedures on how to fix almost anything and also have photographs to help along the process.  Haynes even has some clever ones like the Millennium Falcon and the Space Shuttle

10.  USB Car Charger

Charging devices in the car - we all do it and we all lose these little adapters.  Having a spare, or even just having one good one is smart.  Some of these are cheap, bright pink and cost too much from the gas station.  Having a good quality USB charger for your 12v outlet in the car makes everyone happy.  Scosche makes this one, with a high voltage charging rate and their stuff is usually really nice quality.