Husky Liners Weatherbeater - Ford Flex

Anytime we work with Husky, it always ends well.  That should tell you something as the consumer.  They are a Made in America company selling high quality products which always seem to do their job.  In the garage, we had a 2014 Ford Flex, the ultimate family vehicle.  Third row seats, storage, and an interior that feels like the size of my living room.  One of the worries with any family vehicle is wear and tear, especially the interior.  There are so many spots where items can fall, spill, get dirty, and even get ruined.  This is where Husky Liners comes to the rescue.  We set up with them to outfit the entire Ford Flex, which is not a small job.  Watch the movie below to see how we protect every square inch of carpet in the Ford Flex with the help of Husky Liners