Meguiar's DA Power System Tool - G3500

The Meguiar's DA Power System is a unique tool that allows you to fully buff your car, without purchasing expensive , professional equipment.  They allow you to use your own drill with their setup, which is a big bonus. 

The plan was to buff out some fairly heavy swirl marks on my Dad's Z06.  I contacted Meguiar's and they recommended this entire kit with pads, compounds and the DA attachment.  The tool literally wobbles all around like a random orbital would, very impressive.  I found though that with this kit, you aren't getting professional results.  Don't get me wrong, for the normal do-it-yourself-er, this is a great idea.  It has the ability to remove light scuffs, swirls, and paint defects.  My guess is the Z06 just has too deep of an issue going on, which will have to be tackled with a more aggressive compound and tool.  I found though, that the DA System is great for applying wax quickly and in a fashion you cannot mimic with your own arm.  Watch the video below and I'll show you what I mean with all this.  Below the video are links to everything I demo out here, so if you are in the market, give it a shot.  The price is right and this kit will allow you to have a little fun with your vehicle waxing ritual.