Itz A Gas Can

It seems like there are just a few times in your life where you run out of gas.  For some people, that may be sooner than later.  Gas prices right now are so low here in Ohio that everyone seems to have a full tank.  When the time comes and you are deep in conversation or you just aren't paying attention, Itz A Gas Can can be your lifeboat. 

The concept is very simple.  Instead of buying the $20 gas can at the gas station when you run out, they have a better idea.  Have a can in your car at all times.  They don't just sell you a large, oversized can though.  Itz A Gas Can is a portable, compact and build when you need it system.  The entire concept is so simple and clever, you'll wonder why didn't I think of that?  The video below will show you the entire process.  With all that being said, check these guys out.  These make great gifts for the holidays and this truly is a product that you'll wish you had it, when you really need it. 

For more information and to purchase this great product, CLICK HERE.