Star brite NosGUARD Auto Odor Eliminator

I've had the pleasure of seeing some very interesting products show up at the garage.  Many times, they are items I've never heard of or even tried.  The one thing I like about doing this is showing some stuff that seems unique and tough to find.  Star brite contacted me regarding this story, probably because the Meguiar's Air-REfresher story has gotten so much attention. 

Either way though, the NosGUARD Auto Odor Eliminator is a vehicle smell remover that can work in any enclosed space.  It will actually remove the odors, leaving your vehicle with no scent at all.  This does not mask foul smelling items or even make your car smell like strawberries.  I liken this smell to literally nothing, almost sterile.  Hope you enjoy the video below; this system seems complicated when you get it, but once you crack open the clamshell case you will find it is super easy to use in your vehicle.